What would happen to the USA if adult content was completely banned?

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I didn’t know that, but love the old Christopher Lee Fu Manchu movies. I have all 5 of them.

That’s a different fu. 福; fú See, second tone, while 負 fù is fourth tone.

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this makes me uneasy. payment processors are really abusing their power.

In this case, it’s weird because it’s after they dropped those credit card processors. What, are they trying to get back into their “good graces”?

they didn’t drop them, they only suspended their services, and this is probably part of that so that way they can capitulate.

Honestly, they should just do what Jast does on Steam. Sell all-ages versions with patches from the developers’ website.

They should do whatever is in their best interests to ensure creativity while also negotiating with these payment processors to allow themselves to sell what they wish. Credit card companies were always finicky about explicit material, but this is egregious.

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Unfortunately, as mentioned, certain works were outright removed. As mentioned before, we are in age of secular moralism, which is more dangerous than the stuff by the religious nuts, given that the Church these days is considered dirty, but secular moralism? Rather than hiding behind an invisible man in the sky, the moralists hide behind “the people”, and of course, going against “the people” gets you labeled a Nazi (because those same people are also too stupid to use the broader term of fascist).


they could return, you never know. I didn’t see any 2D works that were removed, however.

Fair point. After all, several older @Oz works are now available with English subtitles at that.

Would you still feel that way if they restricted something that you don’t approve of?

Yes, if it’s illegal, then that’s the job of the law, not private organizations. Also, what precisely wouldn’t I approve of? I can jerk off to at least Maggot Baits scenes ffs. My PFP is of a little zombie girl. Chances are that appeals to disgust won’t work on me, but you’re welcome to try.

I wouldn’t be so bothered by it if there was actual competition, and these companies didn’t have the exact same guidelines/restrictions on what they will/will not do business with. technically, even OnlyFans goes against their policies. All it would take is one report, one expose to associate/taint the brand, regardless of whether or not it’s true, just like what happened with PornHub a few years back.

TFW you realize secular moralism is so much worse than religious moralism.

Otherwise, Japan needs to relearn independence from outside influence again. Sakoku time? As I said before:

defeating the Shimabara rebels (like said, back then it was the religious colonists; now, it’s the secular ones) was not only justified but strategically mandatory. We need another boiling point in Japan.

Payment processors shouldn’t be the gatekeepers trying to police society or decree moral dictates as to what someone wants to buy. They’re in business to process payments and get a percentage for profit. They’re a business, not the police. They should NOT force values on the public as to what meets what criteria for them to “allow” someone to purchase something. That is absolute fascism!

This is what the world has become. Opposing views outside of leftist, Marxist ideologies are labelled Nazis or everything someone says is “racist”. No truth just labels attempting to tear the opposition down and make them feel some form of guilt or shame so they’ll be quiet.

They demand everyone kowtow to their demands and live they way they see fit. That’s not a free society. We shouldn’t need to resort to labels. People stoop to that accusatory level when they know their cause is lost, yet they demand to get their own way, like a 2 year old!

The human race is de-evolving mentally. Emotionally we’ve never grown up past 4.